When Is The Right Time To Find a Manager For Your Food Truck?

In this post, we will be talking about the best time to hire a manager when you own a food truck. Trying to get our business up and running we tend to neglect all the business aspects of the business. There are so many details about it all that we just focus on getting it going. We need to recognize the need for a manager.

Your Business Stopped Growing

The hard stuff being things like marketing and growth. These take a lot of work and detail. Advertising and placement of the food truck are integral to the success of the business. As an owner, you need to know where the best place to set up is. Doing some research on the local area and events is a must to be successful. Word of mouth is still one of the best advertisers out there. Putting food in someone’s mouth is the best way to their heart as we all know. So, being at local community events and providing customers with good food from our truck will spread the word quick. Things like “that food truck that was at the art festival was awesome” will be heard around town and soon everyone will be wanting more fare. Which also means more business and more work. This is great however, this also means that you have less time for all this. This is a good sign to look for a manager.

You Feel Overwhelmed

After becoming successful we can get overwhelmed with too much to do. Becoming overwhelmed makes more stress. More stress leads to other issues we don’t want and so that is also a sign to hire a manager.

You Need New Input

Another sign is when you get into a rut. When you always go to the same place to set up and you become bored with the venue you are at or other vendors are there and offer different new stuff. Being able to have the time to research new trends in your area of expertise is vital to keeping the truck going. Having a manager will release you from the majority of the operations and let you focus on new and creative input. New marketing and new food items added to the menu will keep your food truck up to date and busy.

Sometimes as owners of food trucks, we think we are solely responsible for the day to day operations of the business. This isn’t always the case. Our business needs a balance between the front lines of cooking and serving to the business end inventory and paying bills (payroll for sure).