Time Management Tips for Food Truck Owners

Owning and running a food truck business is fun, hard work, and very satisfying. There is no better feeling in the world than when your customers love the food and come back for more. Every day is a new day in the food truck business, so it is important to have a system in place that feels like you have control over the business you run. Time management for food truck owners is essential for running a good business that thrives. Here are some of the tips to help managing your time for your food truck business.

Set Up A Master Plan

You want to have a master plan every time you open up your food truck. In order for your food service to go smoothly, repetition is key. Not everything can be planned out perfectly, but you still need a plan. From making sure the fuel is ready, to the ovens or machines you need for your service to be in go mode, to making sure you have all the supplies in advance that you need to fulfill orders. It will take a little time at first to make yourself efficient. Someone in your group has to be good breaking down each process.

Don’t Be Afraid To Work Outside the Master Plan

The next food truck time management skill is don’t be afraid to shift the plan to what works. Having a plan is just a framework to start with. The next thing is to find out what works through action. Don’t be hard on yourself or anyone in your group if everything does not go to plan. Be flexible and constantly change to make things easier as you go through the experience.

Stay Healthy

A clear mind makes clear decisions. It is important to keep yourself healthy at all times when running a food truck. By doing this, you will save time and money, because your decision making will be better. Getting enough sleep and regular exercise away from the business is key. Just an hour or 1/2 hour of exercise is all you need. DO this at least three or four times a week to keep your mind in tack.

Prepare Before Hand

Saving time is all about the preparations. Chopping ingredients and getting the food ready, so that you that you can concentrate on your customers. You do not want to cut corners if you don’t have to. This is also something that you may develop over a short period of time through experience.

Keep Your Finances Organized

Save time by making good financial decisions with your food truck business. Having the finances all organized is the first step. Get an accountant if you can afford it. Try to keep your expenses down. Keep everything as simple as you can without sacrificing quality.

There are always small hidden ways to save time. Time Management is all about preparation, being smart with money, good communication, and always being flexible and willing to change when necessary.