Best Ways to use Facebook As A Food Trucker

Taking that big step and starting a food truck to sell your food can at first be liberating, but what now? It is great that you are leading a life that allows you to live out your passion. But where do you get the attention, or the number of customers you need to make a living? For anyone who has started a food truck and needs help gaining public attention knows that as a food truck owner Facebook can be your best friend. Using Facebook for food trucks is a great tool for marketing to increase public awareness, establish yourself as a trustworthy business, and a way to give your customers a voice.

Making Facebook Work for You

A food truck is more than selling food, it is a business that can do remarkably well with the right marketing tools, such as Facebook. Knowing how to how to use Facebook as a Food truck owner is something I strongly recommend as it is a free way to have loyal repeat customers while drawing in new ones. For a food truck owner there are 3 important ways you can make Facebook work for you to gain new customers while keeping the loyal repeat customers coming back for more.

1. Building A Reputation

As a food truck owner, you can only have customers if people know about you and the food you sell. There are some that may pass by and are curious enough to stop and look at your menu, while others may pass you by without a glance. Nowadays, there is so much advertising that we try to ignore sights and smells. This is where Facebook can be of help as it is designed around the marketing principle of businesses needing to build their reputation. It is an excellent platform to make your voice heard and letting people know that you exist and what you have to offer. By creating a business Facebook page Facebook will handle the marketing for you by showing ads to those who may be interested in your cooking.

2. Establishing Yourself as a Trustworthy Business

Owning a food truck, I suggest using a Facebook page to your advantage, especially if you already have a regular routine of when and where you will be selling. Having an online presence that can verify what and where you sell your food is more likely to gain you the trust of future customers. It also gives you an opportunity to keep those that have already tasted your food a way to stay informed of your regular business days and hours. That way your past customers will know when you will be around. Not only that, but since it is not uncommon for food trucks to move from location to location throughout the day Facebook is a great way to keep your customers up to date on your regular schedule so they are always aware of where you are. This helps potential customers not to miss you when you are in their area.

3. Customer Service & Feedback

For any business great customer service is a must, and operating a food truck is no exception. Providing each customer with outstanding customer service, and making time to listen to their feedback, can be difficult when you’re juggling several responsibilities at one time. This is why Facebook can be a big help. Having your food truck online using Facebook gives your customers a place to share their feedback on your food, and the service you provide. The feedback they give can encourage others to stop by your food truck. This is especially true if you show that you are quick to address customer concerns, and answer questions. It shows that you care about what your customer thinks, and are willing to take the time to get to know your customers. Without the use of Facebook, you may miss critical information that could help improve your food truck, in turn costing you customers.

These are a few benefits of knowing how to use Facebook as a food truck owner. You can increase public awareness of your business by building your reputation, providing great customer service, while being recognized as a trustworthy business. It can be hard making it as a food truck owner, especially if you’re not getting the attention needed to draw in customers. This is why it is important to know how using Facebook for food trucks can benefit you. Increase the public’s awareness about your food truck, and the amazing food you sell. Gain the trust, and attention, of new customers by having an online presence. Keep past customers coming back by letting them know when you’re nearby. Stay up to date on what your customers are saying about your food truck, and see how their reviews encourage others to fall in love with your cooking as well. As a food truck owner there is a lot Facebook can do for you. Let this platform help you get your food truck the attention it deserves from past and future customers.