Creative Ideas to Advertise Your Food Truck in 2019

You need customers to run a business. And you won’t get customers if nobody knows who you are. That’s where marketing comes in.

When you run an advertising campaign, you reach out to the people around you. You tell them about yourself and give them a reason to buy your product. It helps to build trust in the consumer; To give them a reason to say yes to your offer.

As a food truck owner, marketing is essential in getting customers to keep coming in.

Starting Out

So you want to know how to run food truck ads. You want to know where to start, “what” to start and how.

The quickest way is with social media. It gives fast results, is easy to do and it’s free. Plus, you probably already have a social media account . With how important networking is, there’s no reason not to have one.

OK, so which one should you use? These days, there are more and more social media platforms popping up all the time. And a lot of them fail no sooner than they started – looking at you, Google+!

Unless you want to waste your time, you need to do some research.

You have to look at your demographics – figure out which platform your customers use. When you know where your customers hang out, it’s easier to know where you need to focus.

Do most of them hang out on Facebook? Twitter? How about Instagram? When you know what to focus on, you can angle your marketing strategy to focus on the best way to get results from that specific platform.

Different sites require different solutions.

Unfortunately, figuring out a strategy isn’t as easy as going to Google and typing in “Ads for food trucker” or “marketing ideas for food trucker”.

You need to get creative.

Using Facebook

A lot of your customers are probably on Facebook. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Nearly 2.3 billion active users regularly use the site.

That’s a lot of potential customers.

Of course, most of those will live too far away from you. Others won’t give you any of their attention. But that’s fine. Attracting new users is only one benefit from a social media presence.

What makes social media shine is its ability to get people talking. When you drum up interest, you drum up customers. And how do you drum up interest?

With Facebook it starts with having an active Facebook page. An active page lets you give your customers updates. You give them notifications on your current location. Not just that, being active helps you build a relationship with your community. When you become known in the community, you become the first stop when they’re looking for food.

But you can do more than just give notifications. You can upload videos that shows the world who you are and what your business is. Testimonials from satisfied customers can be used as a way to create trust between the customers and you.

When you’re known as a pillar of the community, people will flock to your truck.

With Facebook you also have the option of targeting specific locations with your ads. In other words, you can use it to get new customers on top of reminding existing ones of your existence.

Still, Facebook isn’t the only social media platform to pay attention to.

Just One Isn’t Enough

Sure, Facebook may be the biggest. That doesn’t mean it should be your only source of online marketing. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest offer just as much benefit if not more.

With Twitter, for example, you can create short marketing blurbs that other people can re-tweet – these blurbs end up spreading throughout the platform, exposing your business to a host of new and potential customers.

Using Instagram, you can showcase the stories that happen behind the scenes of your team. Build a relationship with your followers – show them who you are as a person. When you attach a face to your business, it becomes easier for people to bond with your company.

And with Pinterest? Post pictures of your favorite recipes and the foods you provide. The site recently begun allowing videos so add a quick video to go with it. Show your followers what they are missing out on and make them want more.

When you use social media to put the word out on your business, you create a form of advertising built from the ground up. Today’s world is full of stiffening marketing lingo. Dry and devoid of any life. People have grown to dislike such marketing and social media gives you a way to change it up.

Make people remember you and they’ll keep coming back.