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Welcome to Stationeats!
My name is Darlene and over the past couple of years, I developed a love and appreciation for unique and exotic food.
Food trucks are especially interesting because they invite us to taste something new. Many entrepreneurs start food trucks to cope with homesickness and share what “home” tastes like for them.

I absolutely love trying new dishes, from tacos and Korean hotdogs to sweet and sinful ice cream sandwiches.

5 years ago, I began to learn more about the in and outs of the food truck business when a friend of mine started a Vietnamese inspired food truck.
He planned out everything, from the menu, where to buy the ingredients and the interior design. Even though he was one of the most knowledgable and organized people I know, he still ran into problems once everything was up and running.

From my experience, food truck owners are super passionate about what they do. They’re dedicated and hard-working.
However, many are missing business skills that would help to really accelerate their efforts. They know every grain of salt that goes into making the perfect dish but are unsure how to run their food truck successfully.

On this blog, I’ll cover everything you need to know to profitably grow your business.

Managing a Food Truck

Learning the finances that are involved in the day to operation can be a steap learning curve. When is it time to hire your first employee and when should you hire a manager? Also deciding on the right ingredient prices as well as overhead costs can be difficult. I’ll try my best to explain each and every concept so you can make confident decisions.

Finding the Perfect Location

You’ve been driving your food truck out to different locations for a while now but somehow the customers choose to go somewhere else.
I’ll show you how to decide what locations are right for you. You’ll be clearer on where to find your customers and which festivals to skip.

Growing and Marketing You Food Truck

Getting everything set up right was hard work. You’re very proud of what you created so far but there’s still room for growth.
I’ll explain how networking can benefit your business and how to digitally advertise your food truck. How do you use social media effectively and should you use e-mail marketing? On this blog, I’ll share social media strategies for food trucks and how to use different platforms without wasting time.

The main idea of this website is to be a place of support for food truck owners. While there are other blogs for small business out there, only a couple focus on food trucks. I hope to answer many of your questions so you can continue doing what you love.

This website will also inspire and motivate you while you go through difficult times. There’s always a solution to turn your business around, to find new customers and to build a sustainable food truck brand.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out.
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Thank you for browsing my blog!

Darlene Rivera