The Station Eats Story
Juicy hamburgers, delicious veggie burgers and snappy hot dogs cooked to order, loads of toppings, crispy hot French fries, awesome salad, washed down with thick rich milkshakes and ice cold beers. Great prices. Good fun.

Station Eats Food
Healthful ingredients are a natural for us. Our grass beef comes from farms committed to sustainable farming practices and minimizing environmental impacts; raised in pastures and grass-fed until finishing stage in a responsible, humane manner, our beef contains neither antibiotics nor growth Hormones. Our low fat chicken hot dogs are prepared from all natural, cage-free chicken. We use hormone free and anti-biotic free milk from local farms in our milkshakes. Even our fries are organic.

Our Core Values
Quality – passionate about best ingredients.
Value – high quality product at fair prices.
Fresh – instantly cooked to order.
Service – go all out to satisfy our guests.
Simplicity – keeping our business straight forward.
Choice – 1000s of ways to customize your order.
Style – hip, clean and welcoming design.
Community – active local participation.

Green / Recycling
Station Eats was built and operates as green as possible to reduce the impact of our restaurant on the environment. We use energy efficient kitchen equipment and 100% recycled paper, bags and food trays.

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