Outdoor Heater for a Restaurant

Running a business sometimes means finding innovative solution. This might be true for a business that likes to cater to customers who sit outdoor. This is common for summer kitchens and stands that do not have an indoor sitting area. It might also be true for a restaurant that has limited indoor space and compensates with tables on a patio. If a business is dependent on outdoor seating, an outdoor garden heater can help extend the business season.

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What Is A Patio Heater?

This type of heater has less to do with plants than it does with human comfort. It is true that this type of heater could be used to warm a greenhouse in cold weather, but most people buy it to warm a screened porch or gazebo. For people sitting outside, it provides either direct or infrared warmth. Its practicality depends on how well the heat is retained, with infrared heating the most practical if there is no barrier such as a fabric gazebo.

To put it into perspective, a fire warms a large area by the infrared radiation of the coals. The flame produces light in the visible wavelength, but that light is not intense. Instead, much of the heat rises into the air and escapes into the air without warming anyone unless a cooking pot is over it. The coals, although they are only visible at night, produce a lot of infrared light and that is what keep people very warm.

Some patio heaters work with propane, although the heat from straight heated air needs to be retained in order to be effective. Other patio heaters are entirely electric and tend to warm a bronze fixture or else directly create infrared light such as a black bulb. These heaters can range from $40 to a few hundred dollars. Since the wind does not scatter infrared light, it is most practical for a pool or open patio.

How To Improve Your business

If an outdoor eating space is used by a business, it will most likely be active in the summer and the fringes of spring and fall. Since fall tends to lag as the continent cools down, there will be both warm and cold nights. An outdoor garden heater could smooth out the difference by making chilly nights a little more comfortable. Otherwise, people would only want to eat during the day or when the weather is warm.

During winter, the weather is very cold in many places. It might also be wet. Outdoor service might still be possible under sub-optimal conditions, but it would preferably be under some sort of shelter. In this case, a gazebo or some type of barrier could partially or fully enclose an eating area.

It is not a good idea to heat a space with flame without a safe fixture and good air circulation. Gazebos tend to have enough air circulation to safely contain a propane heater. Otherwise, electric infrared heaters make great general indoor heaters and can provide comfort to a space that otherwise has no central heating system. Infrared heating is described as toasty and more embracing than moving flame-heated air.